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You’ve worked hard for everything you’ve earned, and we want to help you make the most of it. To keep more money, to grow your operation and, most importantly, to prepare for the next generation.

Since 1975, Corporate Farmer, an accounting and tax consulting firm dedicated exclusively to farmers and ranchers, has been helping people like you do just that.

Our firm has been a pioneer in developing and using the most advanced and innovative tax planning techniques available to eliminate the amount of money farmers overpay in taxes each year.

Through the use of the family farm corporation, Corporate Farmer has helped thousands of farmers throughout the Midwest financially maximize their farm operations, while minimizing their income taxes and reducing their potential liability exposure.

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A bipartisan group of lawmakers recently introduced legislation in both chambers, the Small Business Healthcare Relief B...

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Another Successful Year

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Success Stories

Tony and Annette Girres

Tony and Annette Girres
1850 Acres | Hogs and Cattle

“We incorporated in 1998. The reason was Corporate Farmer could give us more options, try to customize our farming needs that would fit us…give us options as far as the direction we wanted our farming operation to go.” 

“Before we incorporated it was a battle every year because you had to go out and spend money to get out of paying all those taxes. Since we’ve been with Corporate Farmer it’s just been a lot simpler. If we want to buy something we can, if we don’t want to we don’t have to.” 

“Our son would someday like to farm with us. We talked to Corporate Farmer about some ways that would be best to get him into the system. Just like they helped us take over from Tony’s dad, Ron. We weren’t farming too much and Ron wanted us to slowly take over his farm. They want to keep it a family farm which is our goal for our son. I think Corporate Farmer gave us the options that enabled us to do that…to become established in the farming community and keep the farm handed down from generation to generation.” 

“Our corporation year ends in August, so I can haul grain straight out of the field for $3, dump it at the elevator, take a check and I’m not worried about January 1. We still have tax planning but its pretty minor compared to how it used to be.” 

“What we pay at Corporate Farmer is worth every penny. They do a very good service for us and it’s worth it.”

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